POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020


Urząd Miasta i Gminy Gniew


pl. Grunwaldzki 1
83-140 Gniew








(TO6) P2. Cooperation for the clean natural environment in the cross-border area

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Tomasz Sikora

Position/function held in the organisation

Zastępca Burmistrza Miasta i Gminy Gniew


501 026 589



Project idea (in English)

The object of the project is a capital investment in waste treatment in the southern part of the Gniew Municipality, located in the flooding area of the Vistula River and characterised with scattered development. Waste management in that region has not been regulated, yet. Owing to the fact that the southern part of the Municipality is located in the flooding area, there is a direct hazard to polluting the waters of the Vistula River. With every flood resulting in flooding the cesspits and other septic tanks, serving rather uncontrolled storage of waste, pollution may originate. The river flows directly to the Baltic Sea and is a trans-border element of the whole Pomorskie Province and the Kaliningrad Oblast. We are searching for a self-government Partner in the Kaliningrad Oblast, which has not yet solved the waste management issue in its city or region. More: https://www.gniew.pl/1125,projekt-inwestycji Contact person: Tomasz Sikora, Deputy Mayor of the City and Municipality of Gniew The City and Municipal Office of Gniew pl. Grunwaldzki 1 83-140 Gniew tel. 501 026 589 e-mail: zca-burmistrza@gniew.pl

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