POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020


Fundacja Instytut Białowieski


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(TO3) P1. Cooperating on historical, natural and cultural heritage for their preservation and cross-border development

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Rafał Kosno

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We invite you to cooperate, co-organize www.FestiwalBialowieski.pl www.FestiwalPuszczyBialowieskiej.pl Just as Zakopane was promoted, we want to promote Białowieża. We are looking for sponsors: financial (the cost is, for example, from about 100 000-2 500 000 EUR, in kind (eg accommodation for contractors / artists, food, prizes, transport, items, products and services useful to the organization / promotion, etc.) , co-organizers, people willing to help, cooperation. Bialowieza Forest is the most famous and promoted tourist destination in Europe and in the world in Poland. How a magnet can attract tourists from around the world, through the uniqueness of the last natural forest in Europe, the bison, be the flywheel of tourism in the region. Many countries have higher mountains (eg the Alps), older, more interesting monuments (eg France, Italy), a warmer climate, more attractive beaches, seas, oceans or lakes (eg Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Egypt, etc.). However, the potential of Białowieża is still insufficiently exploited. Białowieża is visited by about 200,000 tourists annually (according to ticket sales at the Bison National Park Bison Show Reserve), for example, Zakopane visits 1.5 million tourists a year, and the Auschwitz concentration camp has 2 million tourists a year. One must, for example, re-run the neglected Białowieża-Hajnówka railroad to train Warsaw-Hajnowka-Białowieża trains again, so that tourists - especially foreign ones - could get to the Bialowieza Forest by train, for example directly from the Warsaw airport, so that tourists not only visit Bialowieza, but also around the Bialowieza Forest, for example, Hajnówka, Narewka, Siemianówka reservoir, etc. The surroundings of the Białowieża Forest and Podlasie are closer to Warsaw than, say, Zakopane, we can visit 10 times more tourists, leaving 10 times more money, giving employment to 10 times more people who would not have to emigrate for work, for example. We test our idea realized on August 27, 2016, thanks to IKEA sponsoring (PLN 3,000) as a one-day Festival in the Amfiteatar in Stary Dwór, Narewka commune, Siemianówka Reservoir), a 3.5 hour movie coverage is available at www.FestiwalPuszczyBialowieskiej.pl www.FestiwalPuszczyBialowieskiej.pl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yfb7_tuooU All events, as well as additional films, reports, debates, etc., events would be broadcast or documented on websites, YouTube channels and Facebook profiles / pages, so that even people who could not participate physically could participate interactively through watching, discussing , comments. We want to realize the Festival for as many as 60 holiday days (from the beginning of July until the end of August holidays), with more attractions in Białowieża, Hajnówka and nearby, eg in the Białowieża Open-air Village, https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skansen_w_Białowieży http://atrakcjepodlasia.pl/atrakcje-turystyczne/skansen-w-bialowiezy/ http://www.skanseny.net/skansen/bialowieza therefore we need support. We plan concerts, exhibitions, workshops, trips co-organized by the participants themselves as an active self-shaped event of an educational, cultural and social character. In addition, healthy cooking workshops, free refreshments such as vegetarian, fair of healthy food, sports and recreation part with prizes. The area of obsolete, inefficient forest management can be used differently, creating income and jobs in tourism. Today, it is a degraded area, such as mining areas. In the era of plastic, the wood industry fell like obsolete mining. 3 forest districts in the Białowieża Forests State Forests have generated PLN 20 million in losses, tourism means profits (minimum 200,000 tourists a year in Białowieża are a minimum of PLN 100-500 for each person, which gives PLN 20-100 million a year).

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