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II meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee – Large Infrastructure Projects selected 2018-03-20, Category: Programme news

On 15-16 March 2018, the 2nd meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 was held in Białystok. The most important decisions taken during the meeting concern the selection of the Large Infrastructure Projects, the approval of the Indicative Plan of the Programme Activities for 2018 and the approval of the Technical Assistance Multiannual Budget.

The JMC made a selection of three projects which, after approval by the European Commission, will receive co-financing from the Programme funds. The following projects were selected:

  1. "Development of tourist-recreational potential and water tourism in Svetly and Malbork towns (Phase 2)";
  2. "Cross-border cycle routes for promotion and sustainable use of cultural heritage";
  3. "Construction of the new route of the voivodeship road No. 512 with the construction of the bridge over the Łyna River in Bartoszyce".

Within the first project, the town’s waterfront will be modernized, a viewpoint and an educational playground will be constructed as well as technical documentation for renovation of the historic Town Hall in Malbork will be developed. On the Russian side, modernization of the town’s waterfront and a city park in Svetly will be carried out.

The project concerning cross-border cycle routes includes creation of a common cycle route in the territory of the Kaliningrad region with a total length of 34 km. As part of the project, a catalogue of cycle routes in the Kaliningrad region and North-East Poland will be prepared. What is more, study visits will be organised.

The last project concerning the reconstruction of voivodeship road No. 512 on the section of over 1 km along with the construction of a bridge over the Łyna River, which will significantly ease a burden on the only bridge in Bartoszyce. On the Russian side, the modernization of nearly 4 km of streets in Gusev will be carried out.

For the co-financing of the Large Infrastructure Projects, the Programme allocates almost 12.5 million EUR from the EU funds and 3.4 million EUR from the financial contribution of the Russian Federation to the Programme.

According to the schedule approved by the JMC, the first Call for Proposals is to be launched on 16 April 2018. Applications for co-financing of projects can be submitted by 16 July 2018. The call will be open in all 4 Thematic Objectives of the Programme. Detailed information regarding the call will be posted on our website.


II meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee in Białystok