POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020


The Annual Event of the Poland-Russia Programme in Kaliningrad 2019-06-24, Category: Programme news

On 18-19 June 2019, the Annual Event of the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 took place at the Radisson Hotel in Kaliningrad. The event was organised during the Partner Regions Forum, which takes place in Kaliningrad every year.

The event attracted a lot of interest. At the Partner Regions Forum, a total of 289 participants took part, whereas 118 attendees took part in the Annual Event of the Programme, including representatives of Polish and Russian national, regional and local authorities, non-governmental organisations, research institutions as well as the applicants and beneficiaries of the Programme. The conference was inaugurated with the speeches delivered by Ms Alla Ivanova, Minister, Head of Agency for International Affairs and Regional Cooperation of the Kaliningrad Region, Ms Ewa Termena-Chyży, representative of the Managing Authority of the Programme, Ms Liliya Shchur-Trukhanovich, representative of the National Authority of the Russian Federation, and Mr Leszek Buller, Director of the Center of European Projects.

During the Partner Regions Forum, two grant contracts for co-financing the implementation of the Large Infrastructure Projects – "Development of tourist-recreational potential and water tourism in Svetly and Malbork towns (phase II)" and "Cross-border cycle routes for promotion and sustainable use of cultural heritage” – were officially signed. The Annual Event opened with the presentation of the current state of the Programme and the 12 projects selected for co-financing under the Thematic Objective "Heritage". Afterwards, a discussion panel was held. Among the guests of the panel, there were beneficiaries of the Large Infrastructure Projects from Poland and Russia. The participants of the discussion panel told the audience how they started to cooperate and build long-lasting partnerships within their projects and shared their plans for the near future.

On the second day, there was a study visit, during which the participants had the opportunity to visit the area of the national park at the Curonian Lagoon, inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.


The Annual Event of the Programme in Kaliningrad