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All the Grant Contracts under thematic objective “Heritage” signed! 2019-10-07, Category: Programme news

The Lead Beneficiaries of all the 12 projects selected for co-financing by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Poland-Russia Cross-border Programme 2014-2020 under TO “Heritage” have signed the Grant Contracts with the Managing Authority of the Programme. Total value of the signed contracts amounts to 14.706.972,00 EUR, out of which the Programme co-financing states 13.235.153,81 EUR.

The contracting process of the projects under TO “Heritage” has been completed on September 30th, 2019, when the last Grant Contact was signed. It means that the projects turn in to the implementing phase, depending on the project start date chosen by the beneficiaries.

A full list of the contracted projects is available here:

Projects contracted under TO3 Heritage (file type: pdf; size: 438 KB)