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Let’s celebrate the Open Days of the European Funds with us! 2020-02-19, Category: Programme news

Have you ever implemented, or are you implementing, a project co-financed by the European Union? Great! Now let your town, region, voivodeship or even the entire Poland know about it. Join us to celebrate the Open Days of the European Funds for the seventh time!

When? During the weekend, on 5-7 June 2020.

What are the Open Days of the European Funds?

This is the largest event associated with the European Funds in Poland. It is organised every year to show how much EU funds have changed Poland.

This is the weekend when a lot of fund events, picnics, summer cinemas and concerts will take place simultaneously throughout the country.

Participation in the Open Days is a chance for promotion and investment!

Participation in the Open Days is a great opportunity to establish new contacts with potential beneficiaries and stakeholders of the Programme, and to present your project and institution to a wider group. In one word, to show what you do every day.

You don't have to organise a spectacular event. It will be enough to make your daily offer available at a discount, or to simply present your headquarters in an interesting way, or to show a place not available on a daily basis or just to tell the public about your project.

Let the whole European Union get to know you!

Why are the Open Days organised? It is actually part of a wider campaign conducted by the European Commission: #europeinmyregion. We show how many projects have been implemented in Europe with the EU support.

Therefore, a list of all attractions will be available on the European Commission's website. It is a chance for you to disseminate information about your project among potential beneficiaries, Programme stakeholders or visitors from all over Europe!

How to take part in this action?

Just send your application via website www.dniotwarte.eu by 31 March 2020!