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Open Days of European Funds 2021-09-16, Category: Programme news

The Open Days of European Funds are just around the corner. This year the event will be held in the hybrid formula on 17th-19th September! 

The Beneficiaries of the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 and the Lithuania-Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 will actively participate in this year's edition of the DOFE.

On 17th September the Beneficiaries of the project "Giżycko and Sovetsk - cooperation for the development of preservation of the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of the cross-border area" are organising the walking and cycling rally "Giżycko-SoVeTSK". Attractions await participants in the form of a quiz, quests and field games with prizes, as well as refreshments and souvenirs. The guides' care is guaranteed.

The Beneficiaries of the project "Museums over the borders. Stage II" invite you on 17th-19th September to the event "Get to know the history of Elbląg and its surroundings with Elbląg Podzamcze" and to visit the exhibition in the "Podzamcze" building at a special reduced price. The offer includes all exhibitions located in the Podzamcze.

On 18th September the Beneficiaries of the project "The development of active tourism as a common ground for the Polish-Russian cooperation" invite to the rope park in Ełk for the event "Climb in the rope park in Ełk!” On that day entrance tickets are half price. The toddler route is free.

The Beneficiaries of the project "Connected by amber. Joint actions to share the amber heritage" invite you to visit the Amber Museum - the newest branch of the Gdańsk Museum on 19th September under the event "Sunday at half price at the Amber Museum". On the first floor of the exhibition you will be able to take a journey back millions of years and learn how amber was created. On the second floor you can "listen" to stories about amber in culture. There are exhibits related to ancient and contemporary art.

On 19th September the Beneficiaries of the project "Olsztynek-Kaliningrad - from the common history to the future partnership” organise the event entitled "Get to know an old village and celebrate the Harvest Festival with us at the Folk Architecture Museum - Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek", during which it will be possible to see the studio storehouse (a storehouse of museum artefacts with a section open to the public), built within the project. On that day admission to the Museum and its facilities is free.

We invite you to take part in all events during the Open Days.

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