POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020




No Project number Title of the project Lead Beneficiary
 1 PR/1/006/2018 Development of cross-border tourism in Szczytno District and Svetlogorsk City District Szczytno District
 2 PR/1/008/2018 Tourism beyond the boundaries – tourism routes of the cross-border regions of Russia and North-East Poland Association of Communes ‘Polish Gothic Castles’
 3 PR/1/035/2018 Connected by amber. Joint actions to share the amber heritage Gdańsk Museum
 4 PR/1/045/2018 Giżycko and SoVeTSk – cooperation for the development of preservation of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area Gizycko Municipality
 5 PR/1/058/2018 15 seconds of history through the eyes of young people. Castles, barracks and legends. Olecko District
 6 PR/1/062/2018 Museums over the borders. Stage II Museum ‘The Friedland Gate’
 7 PR/1/069/2018 Together – cultural cooperation in the Polish-Russian borderland Elk Culture Centre
 8 PR/1/092/2018 2 Ships – Common Sea. Soldek & Vityaz: Maritime Heritage of Poland and Russia Museum of the World Ocean
 9 PR/1/098/2018 Olsztynek-Kaliningrad – from the common history to the future partnership The municipal autonomous cultural institution ‘The Kaliningrad Zoo’
 10 PR/1/103/2018 Magic of the North – joint development of festival tourism in Olecko and Gusev Regional Cultural Center in Olecko ‘Mazury Garbate’
 11 PR/1/104/2018 Baltic Odyssey – Creation of common historical and cultural area Administration of Zelenogradsk town district authority
 12 PR/1/118/2018 The revival of the cultural and historical landscape of the small towns of Ladushkin (Russia) and Mlynary (Poland) in the interests of coordinated local development Administration of Ladushkin Town District Municipality