POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020




No Project number Title of the project Lead beneficiary
 1 PR/1/074/2018 Joint response of public healthcare institutions to climate related diseases and health hazards Voivodeship Hospital in Suwałki
 2 PR/1/009/2018 Protection of natural heritage in a cross-border area through the improvement and development of water- sewage infrastructure in Sovetsk (Kaliningrad District) and Nowe Miasto Lubawskie Municipality Nowe Miasto Lubawskie Municipality
 3 PR/1/005/2018 Miłakowo and Gusev commune cooperation for the protection of the Vistula Lagoon by regulating the water and sewage management of key agricultural and tourist areas in the Pregoła and Pasłęka catchment Miłakowo Commune
 4 PR/1/088/2018 Prevention and removal of the effects of climate change through the purchase of vehicles and fire-fighting equipment to fight forest fires Regional Headquarters of State Fire Service in Olsztyn
 5 PR/1/007/2018 Rybno commune and Gusev’s cross-border initiative for the protection of the Baltic Sea by reducing pollution from sensitive and valuable natural areas and promoting a circular economy Rybno Commune
 6 PR/1/081/2018 Modernization of water and sewage management in Mlynary and Gurievsk Młynary Commune
 7 PR/1/073/2018 Protection and sustainable use of water recreational facilities in border cities in Ketrzyn and Kaliningrad Kętrzyn Municipality
 8 PR/1/110/2018 Clean environment – Satisfied Residents Gmina Zalewo
 9 PR/1/102/2018 Development of infrastructure for a clean environment in the cross-border area Ostaszewo Commune
 10 PR/1/116/2018 High-quality water available in the Stare Juchy Community and in the Oziersk District, for the benefit of the cross-border area between Poland and Russia and the Baltic Sea Community Stare Juchy