Program Współpracy Transgranicznej POLSKA-ROSJA 2014–2020


Gmina Nowe Miasto Lubawskie


ul. Podleśna 1
13-300 Mszanowo

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(CT 6) P2 Współpraca na rzecz czystego środowiska naturalnego na obszarze transgranicznym

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Marcin Buliński

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56 4726315


Pomysł na projekt (w języku angielskim)

A characterisation of the scheduled sanitary sewerage system and sewage plant in locality of Jamielnik Rural commune of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie is located in the southwestern corner of Warmian-Masurian Province. It is situated at about 85km from Olsztyn the capital city of the voivodship. Total acreage of the municipality is 138 square kilometers with the population of 8400 inhabitants. The implementation of the project incorporates building of a sewerage network together with a sewage treatment plant in Jamielnik, the second-largest locality in the municipality. Our project assumes 6865 km of sanitary sewerage system, which operates in gravity and pressure mode. Additionally, the implementation of two network pumping stations (Ps1 and Ps2) along with 232 drainage catch pits (of different diameters and functions) is required for the sake of appropriate performance of the whole system. What is more, the undertaking should involve the building of one modular-biological waste water per 1000 people (with a further prospect of upgrading). The average throughput of the waste water plant respectively should be 150 cubic meters per day. Currently, in the commune of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie there is no sewage treatment plant whatsoever. The one and only sewage treatment plant is located and operates in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (municipality). The remaining localities, that do not belong to the municipal territory, use only backyard holding tanks and individual wastewater treatments.

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