Program Współpracy Transgranicznej POLSKA-ROSJA 2014–2020


Gmina Skarszewy


Pl.Hallera 18
83-250 Skarszewy

Strona internetowa






(CT 3) P1 Współpraca w zakresie zachowania i transgranicznego rozwoju dziedzictwa historycznego, przyrodniczego i kulturowego

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administracja publiczna

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Monika Reclaf

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podinsp. ds funduszy europejskich


58 588 22 01 wew. 26


Pomysł na projekt (w języku angielskim)

The project assumes the development of a historic railway route for the needs of the foot and bicycle path (construction works and the installation of accompanying infrastructure), which is to serve a targeted didactic role with the use of innovative electronic tools. The mobile application, available in three language variants: Polish, Russian and English, is to provide recipients with the perception of difficult or even impossible to find species within normal natural excursions by projecting 3D images, as well as educating recipients about the occurrence of endangered species and methods of behavior maintenance of the species concerned. Its educational role is important because it will clasp the entire path. The inauguration of the project will be a conference presenting the activities undertaken as part of the project, in particular partnership activities, and presentation of the mobile application

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