Program Współpracy Transgranicznej POLSKA-ROSJA 2014–2020

Poland - Russia European Union

Gmina Władysławowo


ul. Gen. J. Hallera 19
84-120 Władysławowo

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(CT 6) P2 Współpraca na rzecz czystego środowiska naturalnego na obszarze transgranicznym

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Roman Kużel

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Burmistrz Władysławowa


+48 (58) 674 54 00


Pomysł na projekt (w języku angielskim)

"Protection of habitats of natural marine beaches on the Baltic coast against anthropogenic degradation, by construction to descend to the beach in the Władysławowo". The site of the project is located in picturesquely situated Władysławowo. It is definitely one of the most attractive areas in the Pomorskie Voivodship. Picturesque landscapes, breathtaking views and the surrounding nature are just some of the attractions attracting more and more tourists every year. The unique attraction of Wladyslawowo, across the country, is the wide, sandy beaches. These unique formations, formed by the abrasion process, are covered by the specific vegetation of the dune. As a result of the large number of summer tourists wishing to go to the beaches, the "wild" descent to the coast is gradually forming. Consequently, the vegetation growing on coastal sand dunes is destroyed. In order to avoid further degradation Władysławowo intends to implement a project aimed at protecting the aforementioned habitats and channeling pedestrian traffic through the construction of descent to the beaches.

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