Программа приграничного сотрудничества ПОЛЬША-РОССИЯ 2014-2020


Gmina Miejska Pruszcz Gdański


ul. Grunwaldzka 20
83-000 Pruszcz Gdański








(ТЦ 6) П2. Сотрудничество для чистой природной среды в приграничном районе

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Radosław Gucwa

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Development of infrastructure in the field of water treatment - reservoirs Activities located in a direct flow of water towards the Radunia River. These are tasks aimed at directing water on the flooded areas of the central-western part of the city. The planned activities include: Construction of a rain drainage system with reservoirs at Podkomorzego Street: - it is a continuation of the task in which have already made stage I, now is planned stage II and III, - the project includes the construction of 4 underground reservoirs with a capacity of 315 m3, length 45 m with a diameter of 3m each, - investment is ready for implementation, technical documentation and current building permit are avaiable, - due to the limitation of the size of the discharge to the Radunia River, the task also has a water and legal permit a) infrastructure activities - PLN 2.112.567,95 - construction and improvement of the storm drainage system with sewage treatment system, as well as the construction of an underground retention reservoir that is supposed to protect the inhabitants from flooding during heavy rainfall b) soft operations - up to PLN 250,000 - Raising the awareness of the inhabitants of the impact on the ecosystem in the area of Gdansk Bay, - social campaign on environmental protection (water conservation) - exchange of experience with a Russian partner: construction of rain drainage systems,

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