Программа приграничного сотрудничества ПОЛЬША-РОССИЯ 2014-2020


Admininstration of "Slavsk Urban District" Municipality


Slavsk, Kaliningradskaya st., 10
238600 Slavsk






Калининградская область


(ТЦ 3) П1. Сотрудничество в области исторического, природного и культурного наследия для их сохранения и приграничного развития

Правовой статус организации

государственное управление

Я ищу партнера из


мя и фамилия

Ivan Malakhov

Должность в организации

Head of Investment Policy Department



адрес электронной почты


Идея проекта (на английском языке)

Within the framework of Poland-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020, the Municipality of Slavsk is planning to implement the project of reconstruction of old Prussian church and creation of museum there. The Municipality is looking for a partner on Polish side, who is interested in cooperation. The full reconstruction of historical appearance of Prussian Kirche (1859) will be performed as is rightly considered to be the main cultural and historical object with the greatest potential for enhancement of the image of the region. As stated, main goal of the project is the use and promotion of cross border cultural heritage in order to attract tourism to the border area. The reconstructed church will function as a modern cultural and historical center and will become a real symbol, the central attraction of the Slavsk region. The great acoustics of the church allows organizing various concerts where talented musicians from not only Russia, but also from neighboring Lithuania, Poland and other European countries could participate. In addition, there will be a historical museum, where temporary art expositions, different exhibitions and cultural events would take place. At this moment, we are looking for municipalities and other non-corporate and government institutions from Poland that would be interested in participation in Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 with objective of “Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage” together with partners on the Russian side.

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