Программа приграничного сотрудничества ПОЛЬША-РОССИЯ 2014-2020


Administration of municipal formation "Svetlogorsk district"


Kaliningradskiy prospect, 77a
238560 Svetlogorsk






Калининградская область


(ТЦ 3) П1. Сотрудничество в области исторического, природного и культурного наследия для их сохранения и приграничного развития

Правовой статус организации

государственное управление

Я ищу партнера из


мя и фамилия

Svetlana Shklyaruk

Должность в организации

Head of economic department



адрес электронной почты

s.shklyaruk@svetlogorsk39.ru, economy@svetlogorsk39.ru

Идея проекта (на английском языке)

Listvennichny Recreation Park Urban parks are very popular with the citizens. Their primary aim is to provide the visitors with various leisure activities and to carry out educational work with the population. Park development will allow to offer cultural, educational and artistic activities both to the locals and city visitors and to attract more tourists. Park improvement necessity is determined by the growth of Svetlogorsk tourist attractiveness and creation of favourable conditions for leisure and recreation of the citizens and tourists. Listvennichny Recreation Park is located at Oktyabrskaya Street in Svetologorsk, in the historic district. Its territory comprises 8311 m2. The park is one of important cultural centres of the city. It is not only a rest area for the locals and tourists, but also a space for holding traditional events devoted to holidays and remarkable dates along with developing and implementing projects within various significant programmes. The urban park will be a unique recreational territory in the city with the high level of attendance which will be popular with the locals and tourists. Park improvement foundation will be based on the principles of efficient functional zoning, preservation and development of the existing leisure area, creation of comfortable conditions aimed to provide leisure activities for the citizens and visitors of the city. It is planned to carry out the following types of work at the park territory: paving slab replacement; the park area fencing; building the stage for hosting events devoted to holidays and remarkable dates. The estimated total cost of the work is 15 892 000 rub. оr 211,900 euros.

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