Программа приграничного сотрудничества ПОЛЬША-РОССИЯ 2014-2020


Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University


A. Nevskogo, 14
236016 Kaliningrad






Калининградская область


(ТЦ 6) П2. Сотрудничество для чистой природной среды в приграничном районе

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Liubov Skrypnik

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Associate Proffesor



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Идея проекта (на английском языке)

Plant semiparasites on trees in the context of global climate change. Over the past five years, the territory from Sovetsk to Olsztyn is affected by the wood semi-parasitic bushes of the mistletoe (Viscum album (L.)) by more than 60%.The area of distribution of mistletoe is limited to territories with average annual temperatures of +10 C, therefore, by tendency to warming, we are only at the beginning of the problem. On the other hand mistletoe has a medical properties. It is an unacceptable luxury not to use the potential of the region as a source of this medicinal raw material. Therefore, the development of methods for collecting this plant can be considered the main scientific aim of our project. Tasks of the project: Determine the number of affected plants. Give an exact species characteristic of semiparasite (with genome analysis). Get the water extract of mistletoe and describe its properties (esp. antifungal). Develop a methodology for biological tree cleaning from mistletoe. Hold master classes for the manufacture Christmas decoration from mistletoe.

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