Программа приграничного сотрудничества ПОЛЬША-РОССИЯ 2014-2020


Gmina Kolbudy


ul. Staromłyńska 1
83-050 Kolbudy







(ТЦ 3) П1. Сотрудничество в области исторического, природного и культурного наследия для их сохранения и приграничного развития

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Iwona Niedzielska

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Идея проекта (на английском языке)

The main aim of the project is improving the accessibility to the recreation places and tourism attraction for the citizens and tourists through spatial development of green areas and parks. The project is about to establish multifunction centres of recreation and leisure for citizens and tourists in the structure of net connected system of tourist trails, also the bike routes. The adapted areas will include: - the organisation of outdoor events, occasional parties, concerts and shows in the open air as well as the wide understood collective and individual recreation, - the needs of all age groups especially people with disabilities and moving dysfunctions, - the organisation of family and individual leisure, - improving the local aesthetics and the quality of living for the local citizens, - integration meetings for different cultures and unformal groups. Within the project is anticipated to: - build the water reservoirs, found the sidewalks and bicycle paths, found small tourist, sport and recreation infrastructure, - build green and park areas, found sidewalks, playgrounds.

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