POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020

Poland - Russia European Union

Klub Jeździecki Żarnowo


Żarnowo I 36
16-300 Augustów








(TO3) P1. Cooperating on historical, natural and cultural heritage for their preservation and cross-border development

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Agnieszka Winkler

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Prezes Zarządu




Project idea (in English)

The Stud Farm Association in Żarnowo intends to apply for funds from the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland – Russia 2014-2020 to create a joint tourism and sightseeing offer for young people aged 14-19 from Poland and Russia. The project is in line with the first priority “Cooperation in the preservation and cross-border development of historical, natural and cultural heritage.” The key objective of the planned project will be the enhancement of integration and cooperation between the two countries at the tourism, cultural and historical-natural levels. Through forms of active tourism and learning about common cultural roots as well as historical and natural sciences, young people from both countries will be able to co-create a coherent and integrated cognitive activity, remove cultural and language barriers as well as establish cooperation in the years to come. The envisaged activities on the Polish side are primarily regarding horse riding lessons, sightseeing tours, lectures and tutorials on historical topics, folk handicraft workshops, rafting and the creation of a joint outcome which will be a photo folder. During their stay in Poland, young people from Russia will be able to familiarize themselves with folk design, see the world from the horse’s back and learn the secrets of horse riding under the supervision of qualified instructors, visit the most interesting places of the Suwałki and Augustów Primeval Forests, participate in historical tales and learn about the main water routes. The group’s stay will take place in a charming stud farm, where young people will be able to enjoy the nature and get to know beautiful animals such as horses. To participate in the project, we would like to invite a group of 20 young people from Russia, aged 14 to 19, along with a supervisor, which together with a 20-person group from Poland will find common heritage. The expected date of stay in Poland: 14-22 September 2019. Location: Żarnowo Stud Farm, Żarnowo Pierwsze 36, 16-300 Augustów We are open to suggestions for spending time together in Russia. To this end, we invite the Russian partner to create a joint offer.

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