POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020


Gmina Miejska Nowe Miasto Lubawskie


ul. Rynek
13-300 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie








(TO6) P2. Cooperation for the clean natural environment in the cross-border area

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public administration

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Jerzy Grządzielewski

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Head of the Department Promotion and International Cooperation


+48 56 472 96 35



Project idea (in English)

Cross-border sustainable development of water and sewage infrastructure in the Nowe Miasto Lubawskie area and partner from Russia. Thematic objective of the CT 6. Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation Priority 2: Cooperation for a clean environment in a cross-border area At present, the residents of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie are supplied with water taken from the deep well No. 3 at Wodna St. and additionally from the well No. 1 at Piastowska St. The existing technological system is a hydrophore set of 7 network pumps with a capacity of max. 140 m3 / h, two non-pressure water tanks with a capacity of 45 m3 and two iron separators dn 2400, 4 iron separators dn 1800, compressed air tank dn 600, water-air mixer dn 1800 and a rinse water basin. According to the team of scientists from the Department of Sanitary and Water Engineering University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, raw water from wells 1, 2 and 3 is characterized by high color and turbidity, high content of iron, manganese and ammonium nitrogen and has a specific smell of hydrogen sulfide. Obtaining water with parameters in accordance with the drinking water standard requires the use of appropriate technological systems. The water intake in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie is 15-140 m3 / h, and the average daily consumption is 1200 m3. This state of affairs causes periodic interruptions of water supply in the city (especially during the drought), large pressure drops in higher-lying households and high pressure surges in the network resulting in the breaking of sludge in the water supply. Too low efficiency and periodic low pressure prevailing in the water supply network were also frequent information from the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service during firefighting operations in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. The material scope of the investment project includes the construction of: - technological water treatment plant building at Makuszyńskiego St. along with the necessary underground technical infrastructure, two garages and technical and social rooms, - two reinforced concrete tanks for clean water with a capacity of 300 m3 each with a water supply system for filling and draining water, - external installations and water supply connections as well as sanitary and rainwater sewage systems, external electrical installations for power supply, control, monitoring and lighting of SUW grounds, - plot fences 17/6 with an entrance gate, performance of internal maneuver yards, roads and sidewalks, - PE 160x9,5 discharge pipelines, 1074 m long, supplying Water Treatment Station (WTS) with raw water, - PE 200-250 discharge lines with treated water in the section from Water Treatment Station to compensating tanks and to SUW with a length of 130 m, - PE 250X9,5 discharge pipes for treated water to the external water supply network with a pump-hydrophore set in a SUW with a length of 41 m, - drain hose PE 250x14,8 water from expansion tanks to the designed rainwater sewage system, 46 m long, - sewerage for drainage of rainwater from the plot area 17/6 with PVC pipes 200-315 with a length of 138 m, - PVC 160-315 sewage with a length of 30 m. together with a 3-channel settling tank for rinse water coming from the Water Treatment Station filter rinsing, - PVC 160-200 sanitary sewage system, 54 m long. for discharging sewage from the social part of the Water Treatment Station and washing the floor of the technological hall, - development of well development No. 2 of the deep well at Piastowska St. along with the technical infrastructure, - development and arrangement of the deep well site No. 1 at Piastowska street and deep well No. 3 at Wodna street to the needs of the newly designed Water Treatment Station at Makuszyński Street. Cross-border cooperation of cities for a clean environment through joint development of water and sewage infrastructure. The value is about 1.25 million euros.

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