POLAND-RUSSIA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014–2020

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Sport for Health Foundation


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(TO3) P1. Cooperating on historical, natural and cultural heritage for their preservation and cross-border development

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The objective of the Port of Health project is to build a modern building, with two brine pools, rehabilitation rooms, teaching room, doctors’ rooms with the relevant equipment. The building is designed to offer a comprehensive and personalised rehabilitation of children suffering from diseases of civilisation. Support for children and their families will include the existing and new innovative programmes of prevention, education, rehabilitation and therapy to help with disease management. Experts that work for the Port of Health will keep up to date with the world’s trends in the area of lifestyle disease prevention, rehabilitation and therapy and ensure that they are implemented. This will help to create one of Poland’s most modern facilities for a comprehensive approach to lifestyle diseases. An important strength of the project is its access to local natural resources, i.e. the brine and the geographic location. By building Poland’s first facility of this kind, it is important for us to share our experience with people in Poland and abroad to help others with adapting our solutions to their local conditions and needs. We expect that annually we will be able to help 1,200-1,500 children

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