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Supplement to the Programme Manuals related to the suspension of the Financing Agreement 2022-05-13, Category: Programme news

Due to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, and in line with the decision of the European Council to suspend of the Financing Agreement between Poland, Russia and the European Commission, we would like to inform you that the Joint Technical Secretariat has prepared a supplement to the Programme Manuals.

The main provisions introduced by the Supplement to the Programme Manuals in the Programme are the following:

  • to set up a “cut-off date” for eligibility of the expenditure incurred by all the Russian project beneficiaries – any expenditure incurred and paid by them from 24.02.2022 will be considered ineligible;
  • to create basis, which will enable the Polish beneficiaries in the projects with the Russian Lead Beneficiaries, to carry out the activities by the bypassing the Russian Lead Beneficiary, including submission of the requests for changes for the Polish part of the project, submission of brief narrative reports, interim, additional interim and final reports and requests for payments regarding their part of the project;
  • to sign by the Managing Authority the Subsidiary Contracts with the Polish beneficiaries in the projects with the Russian Lead Beneficiaries, which – above all – will enable making the payments directly to the Polish beneficiaries, bypassing the Russian Lead Beneficiary;
  • to limit the possibility of requesting for the changes by the Russian beneficiaries in such a way, that the substantial changes will not be considered at all, while the minor changes, which were notified to JTS before 24.02.2022 will be taken into account during the verification of the eligibility of expenditures included in the reports and the minor changes notified from 24.02.2022 will not be proceeded;
  • to create a possibility of introducing to the projects a new activity related to providing the support for the Ukrainian refugees as well as introducing to the project budget a new budget heading ‘Support for the Ukrainian refugees’ devoted to that activity;
  • the possibility of using the savings generated within the project for activities related to supporting refugees from Ukraine;
  • to introduce the new visibility guidelines of the Programme, which recall the Programme logo and replace it by EU emblem supplemented by information about co-financing from the European Union as well as remove any information related to Russian participation in the Programme (including project titles containing the name of a city or region in Russia).

Documents to download:

Supplement to the Programme Manuals (file type: pdf; size: 265 KB)

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